Dash it all! – Another nice sunny day camped here on the Isles of Scilly 🙂

Today we decided to catch the boat over to St Agnes – which is a ‘new’ island for us and more remote and exposed in the island group, but as usual on Scilly it is an absolutely lovely place. We walked up to the Post Office to buy lunch and headed out to see the sights – scrutinizing the campsite (Rather exposed to the westerly winds – only small tents pitched on it) and poking our noses into St Warna’s Well – looking for bent pins, which have been found there.

Lunch on the beach, which was a bit to hot and had us covering up bits of skin that were burning!
All the beaches seem to have pebbles balancing in stacks on them, which make great little sculptures.
This pen sketch shows the strangely shaped stone on St Agnes Downs with the islands prominent disused lighthouse in the background.
A4 in length.

And another similar pencil one of the lighthouse again.
A4 in length.

After walking across the Downs we crossed over the sand bar to the island of Gugh (pronounced Goo) which is joined to St Agnes. Here’s a pencil sketch of ‘The Old Man of Gugh’ a prehistoric standing stone on the island.

Not for sale

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