J & I are staying on the Isle of Mull and today the forecast is good. So we have decided it is as good a day as any, to walk from Carsaig to Malcolm’s Point and the ‘Arches’, on the beautiful Ross of Mull. We stopped quickly at the shop for sun cream on the way.

It takes quite a long time to drive around to the ‘Ross’ and the little road down to Carsaig is rather adventurous, being very steep and narrow – not many places to park either. But we managed it all and what a cracking spot when you get here, I have been here before and knew J would love it too.
The walking is hard going over the rocky beach and little path, but the scenery is on a grand and spectacular scale.

We stopped at the ‘Nun’s Cave’ for lunch. The cave is said to have been inhabited by Nuns which fled to it during the Reformation, from Iona Nunnery. The large cave has crosses carved onto it’s inner walls. It would have made a fine retreat.

Some wild goats with impressive horns were also on the path with us, though they quickly jumped away as we got closer.

We eventually reached the ‘Arches’, which are very impressive, with hexagonal Basalt columns, formed by lava flows. Unfortunately by now we were running short on time, so I couldn’t do a sketch of them. But on the way back we saw two Golden Eagles flying along side of Aoineath Mor cliff, being bombed by ravens. The Eagles are magnificent as they glide along.
What a lovely walk on the wild and rugged Ross of Mull.

This sketch is from our lunchtime stop being pen with a watercolour wash looking towards Malcolm’s Point ~ A4

Not for sale

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