Our first excursion on Mull today was a walk to Dun Ara, which is near Glengorin Castle. Dun Ara is a small ruined castle/watchtower, with a very small harbour set below its cliff walls. It has a little path which leads up to its summit, where you can make out the ruined walls. It’s another impressive setting, which I really liked with views over Laorin Bay, you are also supposed to be able to see out to Barra in the Outer Hebrides archipelago, but it was a little too hazy today.

Later we came back to Tobermory for lunch at the Pottery, which we have found to be a very agreeable spot for food. Before heading off on a Wildlife Sea Cruise in the Sound of Mull. Today we saw a Harbour Porpoise, Gannets, Razorbills, Guillimots, Great Skua’s all excellent sightings and then just what we had been wanting (along with the rest of the passengers) a Minke Whale which was close to the boat. Swimming around in the area for sometime – Fantastic!
It was back into Tober for a fish & chip supper and a beer to round off the day.

A4 (in length) pencil sketch of Dun Ara set in the landscape.

Not for sale

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