Looking up today I liked this slightly tatty chimney. With its tv ariel hanging off and there on top was the ubiquitous Gull sat on top. Watercolour ~ A5

Tootled into Budleigh Salterton Library today to change books. Whilst there we had a stroll around the shops and a trip down to the beach.
Sunshine and today the Gulls were their normal noisy selves, but I have to admit that I love their noisy calling. I rather like them – though I know that a lot of people don’t. I think that is because we have too many of them in our towns & cities. Of course, they shouldn’t be there, but who can blame them when they can make a such a good living, dining off all the food waste that we chuck out/drop on the ground.

Framed – image size 8.5×12.8 cm, over all size 23.4×28.5 cm – £85
Unframed – 12 x 10” mount size ready for framing. Would fit in a standard frame – £45
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