A5 ~ Pen & watercolour washes.
Sat on the shoulder of Sharp Tor looking across at a Dartmoor Farm nestled in the trees (Ollisbrim according to the map).

Far from the Maddening Crowd

‘Slipped my cable’ and set off for a stroll around a few of the tors of Dartmoor. With a little light letterboxing thrown in.
Letterboxs are a Dartmoor speciality. People leave a box with a rubber stamp, ink pad and book, hidden somewhere under a rock. With a clue as to how to find it – though not always!
Had a very pleasant day minding my own business. Although I had parked at the popular Dartmeet car park, which was very busy, most people were not many walking very far.
Sharp Tor

Sharp Tor

The above sketch is where I sat to have my lunch, looking towards my next destination – Sharp Tor. I had one letterbox in the bag at this point and found another on Sharp Tor. As you can see the weather in Devon today was lovely, with just a light breeze. Great for walking.
Watercolour ~ A5


Both sketches are for sale. They are £45 each and come in a 12 x 10” mount. Ready for framing.
Which fits into a standard frame.
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