Early(ish) on Saturday morning finds my old friend Paul and myself driving down the A30 heading for Tintagel in Cornwall. We are off on a little weekends backpacking trip, which we haven’t done for quite a while now. So the boot of the car is full of rucksacks, walking boots, tent, waterproofs and stove. The plan is to park the car at Tintagel, catch the bus to Bude and then walk back to the car along the coast path. The weather forecast is for heavy showers, but at the moment it’s pretty pleasant and sunny (and we are running out of weekends this summer that we can get together, so it’s now or never!)

We have cut it fine on time to park the car and then catch the bus that we wanted to get (my fault). We find the bus stop – park the car opposite, Paul goes for a quick wee and I go to the car park machine to pay for our stay. Disaster – you can only pay for 24 hours, then you need to buy another 24 hour ticket, which we obviously can’t do as in the morning we’ll be somewhere along the cliff path! While we are discussing this with the man in the tourist information shop (which is in the car park), our bus comes and goes… Which actually takes the pressure off, as we now have time to find somewhere to park without worrying about getting clamped! However this is easier said than done – the car park that is recommended to us, we find that half is not over night and the other half we can’t work out the machine… Grrrr.

So we are have now driven up the road looking for parking places and are parked at the pleasant village of Bossiney. No problem parking in the little car park here – just as long as you can fit in it! We now sit on the bench having a chat and wait the 3/4 hour for the next bus. The driver is a very nice guy and we are soon hurtling along the coast road, as we are running a little later we decide to go to Widemouth Bay and start our walk there. The driver points out the footpath that we want and stops just a little beyond, before whizzing off, wishing us good luck.

Huurah! Starting the walk proper, looking down to the shore below us the tide is out and the rocks of Widemouth Bay stretch away from us in both directions. We are soon climbing up the steep cliff paths and then dropping back down into the sheltered coves & havens – something that will happen often along our weekend walk! It is great to be back on the Cornish Coast Path again though with our rucksacks on our backs, looking at the stunning scenery and the path stretching out before us!

Setting off later in the day though also has another draw back ~ hunger soon comes over us and it is not long before we stop for lunch. Overlooking the little cove of Millook and a little sketching for me. Opposite us is the dramatic cliffs of ‘Raven’s Beak’. The Carboniferous rocks here (‘killas’) are laid down in layers of what were sea beds. These layers have then been pushed up at angles, which I have tried to show here with the pen marks for the rocks all going in one direction at about 45 degrees. (Soon, we see on the cliff that we were sitting on, that the layers of rock are folded back on them selves making ‘Chevron’ formations.

The sun is still shining and we are rather hot – no need of our waterproofs so far!!

This sketch was produced with a black brush pen ~ A5

£45 – 12 x 10” mount size ready for framing. Would fit in a standard frame.
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