We had lots of heavy rain in the night with lightning but no thunder ~ my faithful old Saunders Spacepacker tent kept us dry though (it’s now 26 years old, but still going strong!) I had thought that we would be woken up by Seagulls calling at first light, but I don’t remember hearing any. Through breakfast we were sitting listening to the rain still coming down, but not long after we had finished the rain eased and then stopped. We quickly packed up, checking that our little pitch was clear and headed west again bound for Tintagel. The path runs up on the high cliffs above ‘Strangers Bay’ (oo-er), we can see the days destination ahead of us and Cambeak behind us.

We sit for a rest & a sketch at the ‘Gull Rock’ below the ‘Buckator’ headland (one of the many Gull Rocks around Cornwall). As we sit we are listening to the seals calling below around the base of Gull Rock. Some fellow walkers let us use their binoculars to see them , as they were too far away to see otherwise. (Watercolour – the white line in the cliff opposite is a band of quartz – in the walls as we walk along you can see large chunks of rocks from these bands.)

A5 ~ Sold

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