It’s a glorious evening on the Cornish coast.
I’m out enjoying a walk between Praa Sands and Prussia Cove, along the coast path. It’s been a hot, sunny day and the evening is still warm. With the sun just starting its descent.

There is always lots of wildlife on the cliffs and at this time of year. I love the Violets & Lesser Celandines that are lining the path.
Watercolour sketch ~ A5, Sold

Further along the coast path, I am looking into Prussia Cove. Beautiful with the sun going slowly down. In my mind’s eye, I can see one of ‘The King of Prussia’s’ smuggling ships slipping gently in.

The King of Prussia

John Carter was known as the “King of Prussia”. He was the most successful smuggler in the Mounts Bay area, between 1777 and 1807, with his two brothers Harry & Charles. The cove was originally called Porthleah but became known as Prussia Cove after the notorious and profitable smuggling operation carried out here. They also used Pisky’s Cove and Bessie’s Cove which are just a little further round the headland. These three coves are sheltered, secluded and are said, to have caves connected with the house above by secret passages.

However, all is very peaceful tonight, with the Blackthorn out in flower on the cliff tops. A hawk takes off below me and flies away south, but I am too slow to see it properly, so I’m not sure which kind it is.

This is a charcoal & pastel sketch on grey A4 coloured paper.

© Copyright Nick Watton. All Rights Reserved.

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