Another glorious Cornish afternoon. I’m sitting on the rocks, by a slip. Which has been hewn through the cliff, at Kennedy Sands, looking across at Prussia Cove and it’s Enys.
(Enys is Cornish for Island. There are several Enys’ named as such on the OS map. You can imagine Mr OS going around collecting the names of places, “Can you tell me what that is called my man?” “Es Pard, thas an Enys.”)
A yacht that was anchored in the cove as I walked along the cliffs, is now underway and sailing off.

For this sketch I used a dip pen, brush & bottle of ink. With watercolour wash added when I got back home, (I indicated were the clouds were with light pencil) ~ A4.
£48 + p&p – 21.5 x 29.5 image size, would fit in a standard 30 x 40 cm frame
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