I’ve two sketches for you today.

The above watercolour is Chinkwell and Honeybag Tors from halfway up Hamel Downs.

It’s a cold day and we have come up for a cold stroll on Dartmoor from Widecombe up and along Hamel Downs. Our little lad is thrilled to find lots of icy puddles, the ones on the top being able to hold his weight. Only one or two other hardy souls were out and about with us, all equally wrapped up in hats and coats.
When we arrived back in Widecombe we stopped in the cosy Rugglestone Inn. Likened my our son to Tolkien’s ‘Prancing Pony’. Which is no bad thing! A fine pint of Dartmoor ale was drunk, some chips and a warm by the fire. Splendid!

Looking across to Bagtor Downs trees with the suns rays streaming through the clouds. Watercolour with watercolour pencils.
Both sketches are A5, on normal 90 lb Daler Rowney cartridge paper and both have suffered a little from the paper ‘cockling’. But I’m not too worried by that and I’ll just squash​ the pad in my pile of sketchbooks to flatten them.

© Copyright Nick Watton.
All Rights Reserved.

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