Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

Sometimes I ( use affiliate links.
What does this mean?
It means that if I’ve used a product or company and liked it/them and they have an Affiliate Program then I use it. When I mention one of the products in my Blog Posts, I add a link to it. If you then click on one of my links and spend money with that company, then I will earn a small commission (between 1% & 5%). Which helps me out. If you purchase any products through these links it will cost you nothing extra.

What do the links look like?

Most of my affiliate links can be found in my blog and look like this: Winsor & Newton Watercolour Field Paint Box
However, in the side bar
(I had trouble getting them to be coloured, for some reason??)
they are underlined like this (but not blue in colour – Grrr!!): Jackson’s

I will only link to products that I have tried, tested and like. Many of the products, I have used all of my working life. My blog aims to be informative first and foremost. If you’ve hung around my site long or know me, you’ll know that I would just as soon bang my head, repeatedly in the kitchen door, than make money off a product I don’t know or like.

My website links to various products that I discuss, review, or appreciate, most of them are art materials or books. I am an independent blogger and the reviews are done based on my own opinions. I do not earn any other income from my blog so if you use the affiliate links I will take this as an appreciation of my blog.

My main affiliate partners are Jackson’s Art Materials: where I buy my own art materials. I highly rate and recommend this shop as they are always helpful, quick to deliver, have a reasonable delivery cost; listen to their customers and have a great range of art products. I also use ‘Amazon‘ for books and some of my materials. Although they are a big company, I have always found that they provide a very good service and are very quick to deliver. Often with free P&P depending on how much you spend.

Watercolour painting of a dog sitting quietly in the back of a fishing boat.
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