I’m at the friendly and lively Newton St Cyres Art Group. Giving a demo on some of my sketching techniques.
After a chat about perspective and vanishing points – everyone’s favourite! But essential to grasp to sketch landscapes quickly.
First I attempted a lively sketch of Coverack (below). Laying down first some watercolour washes and whilst they were still wet working into them with a black watercolour pencil. Letting the pencil marks bleed as it reacted with the water.
I also added a little brown chalk pastel in the foreground. Trying to keep the whole thing simple to give an impression of the harbour.
The other demo sketch that I tried was an oil sketch ~ at the top of the post. Working quickly with oils to pull everything together in the time that I had ~ Phew ~ Only just made it!

Oil on canvas board 20 x 20 cm.

© Copyright Nick Watton.
All Rights Reserved.

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