A4 ~ Watercolour sketch

Watercolour washes with black ink applied with a brush (Round No.6).
The large black areas I finished off later as I was running out of light, way too fast.

I’m at a loose end on the west side of the Exe Estuary. So, of course, I strolled out (actually it turned out to be quite a brisk walk to beat the failing light) with my sketchbook​ (Daler-Rowney cartridge paper). Heading towards the old Topsham Lock Cottage.
I went down to the end of the Ferry jetty to sketch looking upstream, with dramatic clouds and shadows taking over.
It was a peaceful scene, except for the noise coming from the motorway. Which could be heard quite clearly, it being a still evening. Car noise is one of my bugbears – Grrr!
However as I strolled back. More slowly this time as it was now getting dark and no more sketching was on the cards. Bats were wheeling about me and it seemed a very pleasant, relaxed outing – motorway or not 🙂


© Copyright Nick Watton.
All Rights Reserved.

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