The Dark Woods

My son and his friend are doing a project about life in the ‘Dark Woods’. So they wanted to come up to Dartmoor’s Ferworthy Reservoir as they remembered there being some good ‘Dark Woods’ there. After a walk on the moors,​ we were to be found sketching in the trees around the reservoir. The sketch above was painted with a base wash of watercolour, then working over the top with a black watercolour pencil. Trying to capture the dark trees with the wintery light behind. A5

Shovel Downs Stone Row

It was a lovely day spent walking around Fernworthy Reservoir. We set off, via the dam, for Thornworthy Down, had a spot of lunch crouched out of the wind on top of the Tor, before heading on towards The Long Stone on Shovel Downs and the stone rows running from it. The Long Stone is an impressive 3m in height, with more modern initials carved into when it that used it as a boundary marker.

This A4 pen sketch (using a medium sketching pen & a brush pen) shows one of the Bronze Age Stone Rows running down Shovel Down. The Stone Rows form a sort of a Y shape with the tail pointing at the Long Stone.

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