'The Battle of Hastings'

1066 is arguably the most important year in England’s history. The death of King Edward the Confessor 950 years ago unleashed a contest for the crown of England, which saw four different claimants​ for one throne and three battles, including a pivotal one near Hastings.

With this set of stamps, I have tried to bring the story and drama to life. Researching the arms, armour and of course the great resource ‘The Bayeux Tapestry’. The stamp artwork is painted using oil paints on paper.

Guernsey Stamps

Alderney Battle of Hastings Stamps

Set of Six Stamps

Alderney Hastings Stamps Presentation Pack Cover

Presentation Pack Cover

Alderney Hastings Stamps Souvenir Sheet

Souvenir Sheet.

Alderney Hastings Stamp Sheets of 10

Sheets of ten for each stamp.

Also with this set of stamps ‘The Westminster Collection’ commissioned me to produce a very Limited Edition of only 5 Covers. With my stamps and a commemorative Hastings coin and a hand-painted​ picture by myself on each cover. I was very pleased to be asked by them to produce this.

Westminster Collection

Westminster Collections Hastings Stamp & Coin Cover

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