'Just So Stories'

by Rudyard Kipling
This stamp issue from 2007 depicts Rudyard Kiplings delightful ‘Just So Stories’, which were written for his eldest daughter, Josephine. They were originally accompanied by black & white pen illustrations by the author himself. I was asked to pick the stories I would like to illustrate and where possible to update Kipling’s original illustrations. In several cases there were two original illustrations for each story, so I took elements from both and adjusted them to fit the agreed stamp format. However some of the original illustrations did not lend themselves so well to being used as a stamp. So for ‘How the Leopard got his spots’ I drew an original illustration that I hope sits comfortably with the others.

Guernsey Stamps

Alderney's Just So Story Stamps

Sheet of all six stamps.

Alderney's Presentation Pack for Kipling's 'Just So Stories'

Presentation Pack Cover

Alderney's Stamp Sheets for the 'Just So Stories'

Sheets of ten for each story & stamp. (How the Rhinoceros got his skin & The Elephant’s Child)

Alderney's 'Just So Stories' stamps - First Day Cover

The First Day Cover

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