'MARVEL Comics Stamps on the special 'Artist Edition' Cover Pair'

MARVEL Comics Stamps on the special ‘Artist Edition’ Cover Pair

‘Available exclusively from The Westminster Collection, both covers feature not only the 10 BRAND NEW Royal Mail MARVEL Comics Stamps, but also 2 original never-before-seen illustrations by artist Nick Watton.

The beautiful art on these covers has been specially commissioned just for your MARVEL Comic Stamps covers, and bring your stamps to life – New York Times Square and an Alien Planet.

Each stamp features a never-seen-before illustration by renowned MARVEL Comics artist Alan Davis

The Times Square and Alien Planet Cover artwork were both painted using Oils on paper support, with a Gesso primer.

Because at the start, of this commission the Marvel Comics Stamps were in an ‘embargo’. So I was not told what the artwork was to be used for. This is the first time that has happened to me and felt a little strange.

In particular, the Alien Planet brief was a little woolly, so I drew up several pencil sketch versions for Westminster to look at before the final design was settled on.

Here are those sketches for you to see. Which do you like and prefer? The initial brief was for an Alien Planet with a zero gravity war zone. I then asked if this could be narrowed down a little and was asked for a floating monolith and planet debris.

I drew up each of the elements and moved them around digitally as required to save time.

At the final stage, the monolith element was dropped and we just have the debris floating about.

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All Rights Reserved.

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