'The Once & Future King'

“Fantastic issue, stunning artwork – what more can I say?!”

Sally Diamond – Head of Philatelic Guernsey Post Ltd. 2006

This issue from 2006 celebrated the centenary of the birth of T.H.White, who lived on Alderney and wrote his classic work of Arthurian literature ‘The Once & Future King’. Sally Diamond, the then head of Guernsey Post, asked me if I had read the book, which I had. Sally then said that as she had every faith in my designs I had a free hand on the commission. This felt like a real privilege. I quickly re-read the book to reacquaint myself with it and felt that White was much more interested in the personalities​ in the story, rather than big battles. So, I decided to follow his lead by portraying the main characters on each stamp. These I painted using acrylic with a sprayed airbrush background.

Guernsey Stamps

The Alderney's Once & Future King Stamps

Sheet of all the stamps

Alderney's Once & Future King Stamp Sheets of ten

Sheets of Ten Stamps

Alderney's Stamps - Once & Future King Presentation Pack

The Presentation Pack Cover

Alderney's Once & Future King Stamps First Day Cover

First Day Cover

This stamp issue was featured in ‘Stamp Magazine‘. Click on the image to have a read.
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