The lad and I​ are out for an early morning ramble out across Woodbury Common with our sketchbooks​​ in our rucksacks.

The colours on the Common today are much more Autumnal and Clinton Estates has the cattle out browsing.

We sit in the sun sketching, looking out across the Common and down towards the sea at the mouth of the Otter. With the cows strung out in the valley bottom, mooching about. It’s quite a difficult, large landscape and I don’t think I did it justice. But never mind it recalls the view for me wonderfully. I have just used normal cartridge paper and it has ‘cockled’ a bit, but I’ll press the book when I get back and all will be well 🙂

Walking back I carry the sketchbook horizontal at my side, as the paint is still wet.

A5 – Watercolour.

© Copyright Nick Watton.
All Rights Reserved.

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