To Beer

Saturday found me in the beautiful village of Beer running a Sketching Workshop for the Otter Vale Art Society. A Group I know well and it’s just like meeting up with friends to do some sketching. It’s a hot summers day by the sea and we’ll be finishing in ‘The Dolphin’ at 3.30 to review the days work. What could be better!

On the beach, at Beer, there​ are plenty of boats drawn up, fishing gear, beach huts and people enjoying themselves. So there is plenty to have a go at – pencil in hand.

We started with a quick warm-up exercise of drawing a rooftop/horizon line. Not taking the pen/pencil off the paper. As Turner did if he didn’t have long​ to sketch something. We had two or three goes at this before heading down to the beach for a longer sketch – 1 hour. With myself tacking around to see everyone (I could find!) and hopefully give some helpful advice. In between, I managed to quickly sit down for some very quick scribbly sketching using a biro.

We regrouped at ‘Charlie’s Yard’ for some more drawing exercises. This time some figure drawing, using myself as a model. Starting with a sketch of 10 minutes, before shortening the time to 5 and then 2 minutes. All good practice for those sketches with folk in and you can’t nail them down!
Just before lunch, we tried drawing the ‘negative space’ around some railings, pot plants and their shadows. Which seemed to get everyone’s brains going.

After Lunch

The group settled down to a longer sketch using colour. Mostly watercolour, but also some Inktense Watercolour Pencils and pastels.
Again I tried to get around everyone, before dashing off a quick A4 watercolour sketch of Beer Head from the coast path (see featured sketch at the top of the page.)


In ‘The Dolphin’ we were able to see & hear everyone’s excellent sketches, stories and thoughts. I hope it was an enjoyable day and that it encourages everyone to slip a sketchbook into their bags when heading out for the day.

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