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Sketching People

These sketches are in a range of settings. With me just sitting quietly out of the way, trying to look inconspicuous.

Materials Used

I’ve used an A5 Daler Rowney, Red & Yellow cartridge pad. Using my Winsor & Newton, watercolour field paint box and a couple of round brushes – sable no.6 & a no.1. The pens used are waterproof fineliner pen and on ‘Collar Up’, a black brush pen. I also initially use lightly, a 6B pencil.
Pen sketch of a man waiting on Topsham Station with his 'Collar Up'

‘Collar Up’

A5 pen sketch, waiting on a chilly Topsham Station for the train.
Watercolour sketch of a Budleigh Reader

‘Budleigh Reader’

Some brief sun today at Budleigh Salterton. On the seafront, an older man enjoys it, whilst reading his book. Nice strong shadows today. Watercolour ~ A5
Watercolour sketch of two ladies 'Sitting in the Green' on Budleigh Salterton's prom.

‘Sitting in the Green’

Mostly sunny on the prom on Budleigh Salterton’s seafront. Popped down on my own, after all the heavy April showers we have been having lately. It seemed very pleasant to see so many folks out enjoying the sun too. Watercolour ~ A5
Pen & wash sketch of a girl waiting on a bench.


Waiting at the hospital today for my routine results (all OK Mum). Trying to look inconspicuous whilst sketching. Pen & Ink Wash ~ A5
Watercolour sketch of a fisherman sat on his boat making 'Running Repairs'.

‘Running Repairs’

Down at Budleigh Salterton today to return our library​ books. Then setting off for a short stroll along the beach. The sea today is very still and like a glassy mirror. The beach is quite quiet, but there are a few people out & about. Two ladies are swimming in the sea. The fishermen are sorting out there catch and selling it on the beach. Another fisherman is sitting repairing one of his floats, perched on his covered boat. Pen & watercolour wash ~ A5 (Sold)
Watercolour and pen sketch of a Bathtub View


‘Bathtub View’

Pen & watercolour wash ~ A5 Sketching in my hot bath, just for a laugh. Rather awkward as it turns out, having to hold my sketchbook out of the water.

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