I’ve just spent two weeks sat on a plank 10 feet in the air, painting something very different for me.
St Nicholas’ Methodist Church in Topsham asked me if I would paint back in the faces on five Victorian Stained Glass windows, that are around the altar of the church. Not something I had done before – which to start with I found very stressful, as I did not want to mess them up!
Luke -St Nicholas Methodist Church Topsham
Luke before re=painting
Luke – St Nicholas Methodist Church Topsham
Luke after re-painting

Three of the original faces on the windows had disappeared, to a greater or lesser degree and some of the darker paint had come off the other two. It was hard to tell if the old paint had come off over time or had been rubbed at some point in the past.
I also re-painted the hands and on the central window of Jesus re-touched his halo and the upper part of his robes. Sadly a lot of the original paint (noticeably the darker colours) has faded/come away all over the windows and it would take a long time to re-paint all of them. However by the end of the second week I had found that I had really enjoyed my time there and everyone seemed very pleased with what I had achieved – Hurrah!

John after
Mark after
Luke - St Nicholas Methodist Church Topsham
John before
Jesus as was

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