Stamp Designs

“We have always been really impressed with Nick’s interpretation, style and choice of colours,”

Dawn Gallienne ~ head of philatelic Guernsey Post Ltd.


‘Little limited edition prints that are collected around the world…’
Well that’s what I like to think anyway, but there is something rather special in knowing that your pictures may not only form part of a collection but also potentially, journey around the globe. So here’s a look at the issues I have designed…

‘Westminster – Limited Edition First Day Covers’

‘The Battle of Hastings Stamps for Alderney’

‘Christmas Stamps for Alderney & Guernsey’

‘Corbière’ ~ Grand National Winner

‘Just So Stories’

‘The Once & Future King’

‘Centenary of the Titanic’

‘Memories of World War 2’

‘Brunel Bicentenary’

‘Les Casquets Lighthouse’

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