'Centenary of the Titanic'

1912 ~ 2012
It was an absolute pleasure to be commissioned to design this issue commemorating the Centenary of the Titanic. It is such an iconic ship that we have all heard of. The stamps tell the story of the ship’s fateful journey; from embarking upon her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, to the night of 15th April 1912 when Titanic sank into the sea. Lots of research, here again,​ to get all the details correct – I wanted to have the correct flags flying or not flying at all, at each stage of the voyage, the correct phase of the moon as the ship sailed past Alderney and all of the musicians, with their correct instruments, who carried on playing as the ship sank. I hope that I did it all justice.

Guernsey Stamps

Alderney's Stamps ~ Titanic First Day Cover

The stamps on the First Day Cover

Alderney's Stamps ~ Titanic Presentation Pack

The Presentation Pack Cover

Alderney's Stamps ~ Titanic Prestige Booklet Cover

The cover of the Prestige Booklet which contained sheets of each stamp and further illustrations.

Alderney's Titanic Booklet Page of stamps

One of the pages from the Prestige Booklet using some of my pencil drawings.

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