Sitting up on Woodbury Castle while the little lad plays with his mate. This sketch is of the huge earthen banks of the hillfort with all the tall beech trees growing in and around it with a dappled light breaking through the canopy. 

This sketch started out quite different it just being a pencil sketch – I had used a thick graphite stick and a 6B pencil. I thought I would just add a little subtle watercolour over it, just to indicate the colours. However, when I added the watercolour I found that the graphite stick was water soluble and all blurged together. So I ended up adding stronger watercolour and went over everything with a black pen and brushpen to put back the definition.


Some other sketches of Woodbury Common and around the Castle/Hillfort:
Woodbury Common Woods
Dark, heavy clouds over Woodbury Common
Long Shadows on Woodbury Common
Beach tree roots to the Sea
Pebblebed Heathland

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