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Exmouth Art Group

I had a very enjoyable evening last night with the Exmouth Art Group, giving them a talk and several demo’s about ‘sketching’. I tried to fit as many of my sketching techniques as I could into the time allowed. So I was working very quickly with not much time to think about what I was doing. Which are good practice and something I haven’t done much of lately. Note to self – need to do more!

Ben Alder Bothy

Firstly I started with a sketch from a photo of Ben Alder bothy, in its mountainous setting. Using watercolour washes. Then working into the still wet washes with a black, watercolour pencil. Allowing it to merge into the wet paper. The sketch took about 10 minutes and was A4.
Ben Alder Bothy watercolour sketch

Pencil Portrait

The next was a quick pencil portrait sketch of a member of the audience. This one took about 15 minutes.
Pencil Sketch Portrait
A ‘scribbly’ figure sketch came next with watercolour washes over the top. So making sure that the pen has waterproof ink and was not going to bleed into the washes is a must. Roughly taking 20 minutes.
'Scribbly' Pen, Portrait Sketch


Lastly came a lighthouse watercolour sketch. Obviously, I had to work from a photo to do this, something that I prefer not to do when sketching. Working quickly with the washes some of them bled into one another. Usually working outside there is more breeze to help dry the washes. I am, also, often having my lunch whilst sketching, so a bite of a ​sandwich while washes dry is always good. Again this took me about 20 minutes, though I rather ran out of time on this one and would have preferred to take a little longer over it.
Watercolour Lighthouse sketch

Materials Used

All of these sketches were drawn or painted in a A4 Arboreta heavy-weight 160g/m sketch pad or a Daler Rowney, Langton 14 x 10”, ‘Not’ watercolour pad. The watercolour paints are Winsor & Newton, tubes. I’m again using my Pro Art no.20 and two sable brushes no.6 & a no.1. And I’ve also used a waterproof fineliner pen, black watercolour pencil and a 6B pencil.


All in all an enjoyable evening and it was great to catch up with the Exmouth Art Group again.

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Photo of me & David at Exmouth Art Groups Sketching Demo.

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