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Sitta europaea
I’m sketching the Nuthatches in Otterton Mill car park, as part of my ‘Lunchtime Sketches’ series. Whilst I was parked up here sketching the bridge (see below), I noticed that there were Nutches in one of the nestboxes.

The Nuthatch is a small bird about the size of a Great Tit (14 cm) but has the look of a Woodpecker. With its sharp-pointed beak. It eats insects, seeds and nuts. Sometimes jamming them into a crack to break them open with its beak. Thus getting its common name. It breeds in England, Wales and southern Scotland.
They are related to Treecreepers and have a similar habit of going up and down the trees, often upside down.

Featured sketch above:

Back at the Nuthatches

Pencil ~ A5
It’s a grey, showery day, but we are back at the Nuthatch’s nest box, which is a lovely treat.
I have parked right under their nest box, which makes for a great view. The car making an ideal hide.
The Chestnut leaves are now fully out and shading the tree. The coming & going of the birds are frequent, but they don’t hang about long for me to sketch them! Though they usually seem to have a quick look around before entering the nest box, just to check all its OK.

Pen sketch of Otterton Bridge

Otterton Bridge

Pen (Fineliner) ~ A5
Sketching the bridge was when I originally noticed the Nuthatch nest.

The Lunchtime Sketches

This is a period when the only way to get my baby son to have an afternoon nap, was to put him in the car and drive. So I would give him his lunch, make some sandwiches for myself and drive off somewhere. For my own sanity, I drove to different places to sit in the car. Eating my lunch and sketching whatever was outside.
Otterton Mill is a handy place for us. When the ‘Wee Lad’ awakes we shall go and investigate the honking Geese, the crowing Cockerel and the waterwheel. What more does a small boy want!

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