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Work In Progress

My current work that’s on my easel. An oil painting from the charcoal sketch below. ‘Reflections’ – reflecting the sky on the wet beach and perhaps also the mood of the figure.

Charcoal sketch - Reflections at Exmouth Beach

Exmouth Reflections

Charcoal on cartridge paper ~ A4
With R at Judo, Mrs W and I have come down to the beach whilst waiting for him. The tide has gone out leaving the sand wet, reflecting the sky. The sun has gone behind the clouds, now that it has stopped raining. It has been chucking it down all day, so only a few brave dog walkers are on the beach.

Progress stage of oil painting ~ Reflections

First Stage

The start of the painting. I’ve blocked in the sky and beach, with the main colours. I’m starting to get a feel of the mood, I am trying to create. I’ll come back over the sky, adding the clouds using ‘fat‘ paint. I have some photographic reference of the surf, to get that looking just as I wanted.

Materials Used

The original sketch was in an Arboreta heavy-weight 160g/m sketch pad, with willow charcoal.
For the oil painting I’ve used Winsor & Newton, Artists’ oils, on a stretched canvas. The painting is about 60 x 40 cm. Using flat and round brushes.


By the way, those sand dunes on the right of the finished painting, were blown away in a storm. They were already in a fragile state it has to be said. But, I rather miss them and they provided another habitat on the beach.

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