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Tonight I going to the very friendly Otter Vale Art Society or OVAS to give a demo on various sketching techniques.
I manage to fit three sketches into the time allowed. These included a small, landscape in oils, a portrait in pen and a watercolour landscape.

Featured sketch above:

Exmouth Groyne

An​ oil​ sketch I quickly worked up. It’s of one of the Groyns on Exmouth Beach. I always find their hard shapes jutting out of the landscape fascinating​. On primed Canvas Board, 20 x 20 cm.

Materials Used

The oil was painted on canvas board, using Winsor & Newton, Artists’ oil paints, with a flat oil brush, no.4.
Boscastle Harbour is painted in a Daler Rowney, Langton 14 x 10”, ‘Not’ watercolour pad. Using Winsor & Newton, watercolour paint, with a Pro Art no.20. Which is an expensive brush, but has lasted me over 20 years.
The last pen sketch is in an unknown drawing pad that I was given, the pen though is a Uni:Pin fineliner.

Right, let’s crack on!

Boscastle Harbour

Below is an A4 watercolour, with watercolour black pencil over the top. Working the pencil into the washes, while they are still wet.
As I rushed putting down the watercolour washes, unfortunately, the sky and green headland bled together. However, with the outline of the black pencil hopefully, your eye works out what’s what!

Pen Portrait

Lastly, I tried a portrait sketch of one of the audience. I asked the audience whether​ I should use a pencil or pen. I was asked to use a pen as that was harder – no rubbing out! Again A4 in size.

To conclude

The two landscapes had to be produced from photographs, not being able to transport the real places there! However, I would always recommend painting/sketching ‘en plein air’. Just get outside with your sketchbooks friends!

I hope everyone enjoyed the demo’s – tomorrow some of the members and I​ are meeting in Topsham for a sketching workshop. You can read how that went here: ‘Sketching Workshop

Lastly here’s a link for this friendly art society if you are in the Ottery St Mary area: ‘Otter Vale Art Society

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