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Fossils and Dinosaurs

We are camping for a couple of days on the Isle of Wight, at Grange Farm Campsite. We are principally​ on the lookout for fossils for our Dinosaur mad little boy and also looking at all the Dinosaur Museums on the island. I’m also fitting in a little sketching when I’m able too!
The Dinosaur Museums are great with some very knowledgeable​ people in them. It’s a fascinating​ island for fossils and dinosaur-related​ things!

Featured sketch above:

Sunset over Tennyson Downs

Looking west along the beach watching the sunset. Using watercolour with a Brushpen over the top to block in the blacks. A4

Materials Used

These sketches are painted in a Daler Rowney, Langton 14 x 10”, ‘Not’ watercolour pad. Using my small Winsor & Newton, watercolour field paint box, with a couple of round brushes – sable no.6 & a no.1. Also used are a black brush pen, black watercolour pencil and a 6B pencil.

White Cliffs

Watercolour sketch of Early Light on the Isle of Wight
Watercolour ~ A4
A new day and I’m up early sketching before the other two immerge​ from the tent.
I love the early morning light hitting the gleaming, white cliffs on the Needles Headland. This view is from the cliff-edge at the end of our campsite – I only had to walk a few paces and plonk myself down, a cup of tea in hand! Obviously, it’s a watercolour sketch with a little black watercolour pencil over the top.


We are walking at Hanover Point, finding the most fantastic fossilised dinosaur footprints all along the beach. They are mostly Iguanodon, but we also saw some Therapod ones too. The footprints are made from the mud compressed under the foot. It is that compressed mud that has fossilised while the material around it erodes away. Leaving a large ‘boulder’ footprint – Gobsmacking!!


This little sketch was done whilst having lunch. Sitting looking back at Hanover Point, again with those classic white cliffs beyond. Though as you can see the day is turning a little greyer, with more cloud coming in.
Watercolour sketch of Hanover Point
Watercolour – A4 in width.

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