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Mousehole is simply a delightful place, full of charm and character. If you were to draw an archetypal Cornish Harbour, this is it. With all the boats in the harbour in a semi-circle and surrounded by cottages.
A small island lies just offshore, called the ‘Enys’ or properly ‘St Clements’. ‘Enys’ is simply Cornish for an island and when the OS arrived there seems to have been some confusion! Mousehole is first mentioned in 1283. During the medieval period, Mousehole seems to have been the principal fishing port in the area. Judging by the Tax returns.

Mousehole is well known for its Christmas lights and also, celebrates Tom Bawcock’s Eve. This a unique, Mousehole celebration held on 23 December. To celebrate the ending of a famine in the 16th century by local resident Tom Bawcock. This feast day is also, from where we get Stargazy pie‘, which is a mixed fish, egg and potato pie with fish heads sticking out through the pastry.

Featured sketch above:

Across the Harbour

Pen ~ A5
The tide was coming in quickly when we arrived. I love all the boats and mooring ropes in their semi-circle around the harbour.

Pen sketch of people fishing off Mousehole harbour wall.

Fishing off the harbour wall

Pen ~ A5
Today it was very misty. We had hoped for a trip out in Bill’s boat, but as you could hardly see the other side of the harbour, we didn’t. So instead we spent a happy afternoon fishing for crab at the end of the harbour wall and playing on the beach.
This sketch is of the fishermen on the other side of the harbour entrance. There were no big catches over there – whilst I was watching anyway.

Oil pastel sketch of Mousehole Christmas Lights

Mousehole Christmas Lights

Oil Pastels on coloured paper ~ A4
Parked down the road someway out of Mousehole, to come and view the Christmas Lights. The little harbour was as busy as it usually is at Christmas when they have their lights on. The crowds, however, seemed full of ‘bon ami’. The weather was mild and we wondered around from one side of the harbour to the other. A couple of the gift shops were open, this window is the ‘Cat & Mouse’.


Here’s an oil painting of the boats in the harbour, at low tide.

Oil painting of boats high and dry at low tide in Mousehole Harbour.

Low tide at Mousehole

Oil on canvas ~ 15 x 23 in

Also check out the portrait in Oils of our good friend Bill as he fishes off ‘St Clement’s Island’.

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