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Some recent sketches

Here’s a look at some of my recent sketches, in various media and in different sketch books.

Featured painting above:

Dartmoor Clapper Bridge

Watercolour pencil on watercolour paper.
This was sketched quickly for a demonstration.

Materials Used

For these sketches I was using in a Daler Rowney, Red & Yellow cartridge pad and Clairefontaine Watercolour Paper. I sketch quickly, first with a 6B pencil, before adding watercolour or pen. I use my trusty Winsor & Newton, watercolour field paint box, with two round brushes, sable no.1 & no.6. The pen used is a waterproof fineliner and a black brush pen.

The Sketches

Watercolour sketch showing Steep Holm island in the Bristol Channel and a beach at low tide.

Steep Holm Island and the Bristol Channel

Loose watercolour sitting on Doniford beach, near Watchet. Steep Holm Island is on the horizon of the Bristol Channel.

Artist sat on beach sketching.

Here I am sat on Doniford beach sketching away.

Pen sketch of a Dartmoor stream flowing over boulders.

Flowing water on a Dartmoor Stream

Waterproof Fineliner Pen, with a brushpen ~ A5, Sold
“Becka Stream below Hound Tor on Dartmoor. The water drops and flows beautifully over the boulders in the stream.”

Pencil sketch of a Fallow Deer under a tree.
Pencil sketch of a Fallow Deer head looking out of grass.

Fallow Deer

Pencil ~ A5
“Sketching the Fallow Deer at Sketching the Powderham Castle. We were just sitting on the footpath that runs beside the castle grounds. Looking through the fence at the deer.”

Two people standing on a path in woods with sunshine coming through the trees.

Sunshine on Woodbury Common

June 8th – watercolour, A5 ~ Sold.
“This sketch is of the transition between the woodland and heathland on Woodbury Common, with sunshine coming through the leaves. I added my wife and myself to the picture later. For the darkest areas, I used gouache rather than watercolour.” Sold

Pencil sketch of Trevose Head with the Lighthouse on it.

Trevose Head Lighthouse

Pencil, A4
“We were staying at Mother Ivy’s campsite and walking around Trevose Head and I am sitting here sketching the Lighthouse.”

Pencil sketch of a Cassowary

Sketching at the RAMM

” My son and I came to Exeter’s RAMM to sketch some of the many exhibits. This first one is of one of the stuffed birds, a Cassowary.”

Pen sketch of a Tiger Skull
Pen ~ A4
“This second one is of a Tiger Skull.”
Ink sketch of trees and bushes on a heathland.

On Woodbury Common

” My son and I off sketching together. This time on Woodbury Common. This sketch is sitting looking south across the common. I am just using a brushpen and A5 cartridge pad + a green Sennelier ‘Ink Brush’. That I was sent to try out. Which works fine, though I find the colour a little harsh.”

Sketch of a backpacker on the Ross of Mull with the sea behind.


Pen, ink and watercolour, A5
“This A5 sketch is from memory of when Paul and I were backpacking over the Isle of Mull, with the paps of Jura on the horizon.”


Well I think that’s about it from my sketchbook for the moment.
Keep sketching!

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