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On the Coast Path at the Lizard

J & I are walking from the Lizard to Helford village, over two days. Following the lovely Cornish Coast Path, staying in a B&B at the little fishing village of Coverack overnight.
Today walking down to Church Cove, having been dropped off at the Lizard car park, it’s a lovely sunny day. However, the forecast for tomorrow was for rain and J has forgotten her over trousers! So we are hoping it will not be too bad and she won’t get too wet…

Featured sketch above:

Carrick Luz with Skylarks and Cuckoo’s

Pencil sketch ~ A5
This sketch is of the ancient Promontory Fort / Cliff Castle, on the Carrick Luz headland. Whilst sitting here we can hear Skylarks singing away above us and the odd call of a cuckoo.

Materials Used

In the top pocket of my large rucksack, I have an A5 Canson XL Croquis Spiral Pad, 6B pencil and a waterproof fineliner pen. Plus my Winsor & Newton, watercolour field paint box and a couple of round brushes – sable no.6 & a no.1
I have always found that people like me sketching on such walks. As it gives them a chance to stop, have a rest and admire the view.


Watercolour sketch of Chynhalls Point from Coverack village.
This watercolour sketch shows the evening sun on Chynhalls Point from our B&B window. I’m sitting here with a cup of Lemon & Ginger tea enjoying the view. It’s also good to stop and have a comfortable rest from the days walking.

Porthallow Pot Boats

Pen sketch of Porthallow Pot Boats drawn up on the beach.
Pen Sketch ~ A5

Today has started quite overcast, but not looking too wet at the moment.
After breakfast, we walked past the large working quarry at Trevean, quite interesting really, with large diggers moving about.
Porthallow still has working pot boats drawn up on the beach and we stopped here for a rest and a quick sketch for me.

Finally – To Helford

Pencil sketch of Treath from Helford
Pencil sketch of Treath from Helford village.
After we rounded Nare Head the glourious Helford River started coming into view. The final stage.
Gillan Creek is always lovely and we speculated on which cottage we would buy – ‘If’ we had enough money (Hah!)
Looked in at St Anthony Church, before continuing around Dennis Head.

There was a bit of ‘spit-spotting’ rain (As mentioned J had forgotten her waterproof trousers this weekend). So we were speculating on how wet she might get on what is left of the walk.
As it happens she was fine and we make it to Helford village before any serious rain.
We had a great dinner in the pub, with a pint and the rain pouring down!

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