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Wistman’s Wood

Sketching with watercolours, in the wonderfully shaggy Wistman’s Wood on Dartmoor, which is beloved of our young lad. The wood is a strangely eerie place with it’s twisted little oak trees, all bedecked with hanging moss’ and lichens. The trees grow over a valley side which is littered with granite boulders themselves also covered in moss. It is a fascinating place with many stories and legends about it.

However today the sun is shining and the wood is bright and hot. However, as soon as we stop to sketch I am surrounded by little ‘midgy’ things all trying to have a nibble of me. So I’m sketching away with my hat & fleece on! All zipped up and trousers tucked into my socks to try and stop flying things from finding too much tasty skin!

Materials Used

This sketch is A4, using watercolour over a pencil sketch. I’m using my Arboreta 160gsm off-white drawing cartridge pad and small, travelling Winsor & Newton, watercolour field paint box, a round brush – sable no.6 and a 6B pencil.

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