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Through Darkness into Light

We are staying at my sister’s house in the Lake District. It’s a bit of a grey, drizzly day, so we have decided on a little, low-level​ walk into Little Langdale. The lad is very excited about us taking in the ‘Cathedral Cavern’ and then a little round trip. This is part of the local slate quarries and a little underground trip. For which we have brought head torches along with us. The cavern is 40 feet (12m) high with an impressive central pillar raising knife-like​, splitting it in two.

In the above A4 sketch, I’m using a 6B pencil and graphite stick to show the central pillar in the Cathedral Cavern. With light streaming in from the ‘window’ above. I used a graphite stick to get down lots of dark quickly. The cartridge paper is Arboreta 160gsm off-white paper.

In fact, the Lad enjoyed it so much that we had to do it all over again, straight away!

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