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The Lunchtime Sketches

These sketches are of the people and shapes in Tesco’s Car Park!
This is a period when the only way to get my baby son to have an afternoon nap, was to put him in the car and drive. Nothing else worked very well. So I would give him his lunch, make some sandwiches for myself and drive off somewhere. For my own sanity, I drove to different places sitting there in the car. Eating my lunch and sketching whatever was outside.

My maxim “of it not mattering what you draw, as long as you draw something” is put to the test here. I always find Tesco’s to be a depressing place. With little in the car park to inspire me.
However, in the end, I found I rather liked the shape of the trolley bays and the people who sheltered in them!
They have now changed to ‘posh’ wooden ones and I miss these old arched, plastic ones. With their Sci-Fi sounding Zones stuck up on top!

Featured sketch above:

The Trolley Man Cometh

10th February 2012 ~ Pen & Wash, A5
The ‘little fella’ nodded off as we came over to Tesco’s this afternoon. So it was a good opportunity for a sketch in the car park. Which sounds odd, but I haven’t done one here for ages and I fancied doing another!
It’s not at first glance the most of inspiring places, but it’s interesting – as it’s all part of life.

Materials used

For these sketches I was using an A5 Daler Rowney, Red & Yellow cartridge pad. With a waterproof fineliner pen, a black brush pen and 6B pencil. Plus my Winsor & Newton, watercolour field paint box and a couple of round brushes – sable no.6 & a no.1.

Pen sketch of Zone B in Tesco's car park.

Zone B

22nd February 2010 ~ Pen, A5
Cold, bleak day sat in this soulless, creativity sucking car park of Tesco’s. Waiting for the ‘little fella’ to wake up and then go shopping…. ARRG!!

Pen sketch of people up on the Scaff'.
Pen sketch of workmen up on the 'Scaff'.

On the scaff

8th March 2010 ~ Pen, A5
Sketching the lads working on the scaffolding today in the car park. Bright but cold day.

Pen and wash sketch of workers Have'n a fag in Tesco's car park.

Hav’in a fag

22nd March 2010 ~ Pen & Ink + Watercolour
Sat in Tesco’s car park waiting to do the weekly shop.
Staff are hanging around in the drizzle on their tea break, hav’in a fag! Great for me to sketch, but they are​ killing themselves for my art!!
When the ‘tiny man’ awoke he was sick down his front, so we had to go straight home!
Back to Tesco’s tomorrow to complete the shopping ~ Ho Hum.

Pen sketch of Zone A in Tesco's car park.

Zone A

23rd March 2010 ~ pen, A5
Back at Tesco’s today to get that shopping done!
Having been watching the Tesco’s workers on their tea break yesterday. I found them again today in their ‘Zone A’ trolley bay. Keeping dry while they have a quick fag. After a little while, they notice me watching them, in this backwater of the car park and get a bit ‘twitchy’ – Ha Ha. They are in the trolley bay furthest from the shop, with all the panels falling out of it. Also, benches have added to this commodious accommodation.

Return to Zone A, biro sketch in Tesco's car park.

Return to Zone A

30th March 2010 ~ Biro, A5
Tesco’s car park today is looking very busy and it’s another damp day. My cup floweth​ over!
Again, I love the Tesco’s workers sat in the trolley bay as they take their break and have a fag. Or a least the ones who smoke anyway, presumably the non-smokers are sat in a nice dry room inside somewhere.


Pen sketch of Nick Watton staring at himself in a car mirror.

Who are you looking at?

Pen, brush & ink ~ A5
Sat in the car park in front of a brick wall – Hmmm… what to draw…Ah yes, that fellow who looks at me from the mirror.

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