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Charcoal Sketches

Today we have headed over to the ‘Donkey Sanctuary, near Sidmouth’. We enjoyed having a look around and stroking the noses of the more obliging donkeys. Before walking down the combe, with a picnic to Weston Mouth Beach.
I stopped on the way for a sketch of this lovely Donkey, today working with charcoal. I’ve always liked using willow charcoal to work with, as you can work quickly and boldly with it. However, at the same time, it is easy to smudge about and lighten with a putty rubber. These two sketches are on A4 Arboreta heavy-weight 160g/m paper.

Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary has helped save 20,000 Donkies over the years.
The Sanctuary was started by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen, she bought her first Donkey in 1969. Then in 1970 was shocked by at Exeter market by the state of the donkeys there. She then started buying those in the worst condition and began a future dedicated to saving donkeys in distress. By 1973 the Sanctuary became a registered charity, with a re-homing scheme for Donkeys.
From there, the Sanctuary has grown from strength to strength. Expanding with international work and uniting children with additional needs with donkeys for the first time.
It’s free to visit the Donkey Sanctuary and there’s a cafe, shop and plenty of parking.

Charcoal sketch of a Donkey Sketch
Using charcoal again here. I’m in a bit of a charcoal mood today. (A4)

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