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Pebbly Weston Mouth Beach

A watercolour sketch of the house standing alone on Weston Mouth beach.
We walked down from the Donkey Sanctuary. Following the delightful Dunscombe Coppice to Weston Mouth Beach. Which is to the east of Sidmouth on the south Devon Coast.
The ‘little fella’ made the walk well and has enjoyed playing in the stream on the pebbly beach.
The stream disappears under a bank of pebbles and reemerges nearer the sea. Which he found fascinating and so did several other children who were playing around it. Lovely weather today – which is a nice change after all the rain!

The beach can only be accessed from the footpaths leading to it. Apparently it is also known for being a nudist beach. However, everyone, today kept their clothes on.

Sketching & Materials Used

Whilst we sat and had our picnic, I was also busy doing the above watercolour with added Derwnet artists pencils pen. I painted it on Arches, Aquarelle 140lb watercolour paper, which was a little over A4. I took with me, my larger pallet and tubes of Winsor & Newton, watercolour paint today. I also used a large Pro Art no.20 brush, plus a couple of smaller, round brushes – sable no.6 & a no.1.

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