Jersey Corbière Postage Stamps

Grand National Winner 1983

The Brief

Jersey Corbière Postage Stamps designed and illustrated by myself. For this 2013 stamp issue Jersey asked me to depict the 1983 Grand National Winner, Corbière, with trainer Jenny Pitman and jockey, Ben de Haan. There were originally going to be four stamps, FDC, presentation pack and sheets of ten. However,​ a further £2 stamp was added using my presentation pack artwork, as the artwork was so well received.

Jersey first day cover with Jenny Pitman and Corbiere, with four postage stamps.

The stamps on the First Day Cover and Jenny Pitman holding Corbière.

Jersey's Postage Stamp Presentation Pack with illustration of Corbière and jockey, Ben de Haan.

The Presentation Pack

Jersey £2 Postage Stamp  with illustration of Corbière and jockey, Ben de Haan.


I started off trying to sketch the horses’ legs from photographs and move them into a position that I wanted. However, this proved to be very difficult. In the end, I bought a wooded artist model horse. Then using the photographs of Eadweard Muybridge I was able to position the model into a realistic pose and draw from that. Obviously, also using reference photographs as well. I submitted pencil drawings and a coloured visual before going to the artwork.

Eadweard Muybridge's horse galloping photo's
Some of Eadweard Muybridge’s horse galloping photo’s
drawing of five horses galloping for a stamp design.
Drawing using the wooden horse and other reference photographs.
artist's wooden horse for drawing from
Posed wooden horse model


All the artwork for this, Jersey Corbière Stamp issue was painted using oil on paper support. I stretched the paper beforehand. Then transferred the pencil drawing by ‘pushing’ it through with carbon paper. Made by myself from thin paper and a graphite black fire grate polish. This was then given a coat of ‘Gesso’ and I could start applying the oil paint. If I’m painting horses I like to use oils as I can achieve a good blend to the coat and really make it shine.

drawing of five horses galloping for a stamp design.
Jenny Pitman and Corbiere.
Sheet of ten stamps with Corbiere images around the side.
Sheet of ten.

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