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I’ve been, on and off, designing postage stamps since 1999. That first issue was for Gibraltar. At the time I didn’t think much about it. It was just another job – one that I enjoyed, but just another job. I have worked now, on several postage stamp issues and it’s become a bit of a niche.
Over these issues, there is an evolution of my work. I was working mostly using an airbrush. Then started painting the people in the artwork with acrylic paints. Applying later the airbrushed areas. The Titanic issue was produced with digital artwork along with scanned painted areas. And the last few issues have all been painted using oils on paper support.

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‘120 Years ~ The Sinking of the SS Stella’

SS Stella

Oil painted artwork of the SS Stella on a stamp for Alderney.

‘Centenary of the Titanic’
1912 ~ 2012

Titanic Postage Stamps

Digital artwork of the Titanic embarking on its maiden voyage.

‘Les Casquets Lighthouse’

Les Casquets Postage Stamps

Airbrush artwork for an Alderney Stamp of the bulb in Les Casquets Lighthouse.

‘Corbière’ ~ Grand National Winner

Corbière Stamps

Oil painted artwork on a Jersey Stamp showing the racehorse Corbiere along side Corbiere Lighthouse.

‘Just So Stories’

Just So Stamps

Image of an Alderney stamp, showing a cat walking away from you through thick woods. Illustrating the 'Just So Story' the Cat that walked by himself.

‘The Once & Future King’

Once & Future King Stamps

Alderney Stamp showing the wizard Merlyn looking over his spectacles at you. With bees buzzing around his head.Illustrating the character from the novel The Once & Future King.

‘The Battle of Hastings Stamps for Alderney’

Hastings Stamps

Stamp for Alderney with King Harold hard pressed in the shield wall at the Battle of Hastings.

‘Memories of World War 2’

Memories of WW2 Stamps

Guernsey postage stamp showing HMS Charybdis & HMS Limbourne surging through the waves.

‘Little Mermaid’

Little Mermaid Stamps

Alderney postage stamp showing the 'Little Mermaid' being lifted up by the spirits of the air.

‘Brunel Bicentenary’

Brunel Stamps

Guernsey postage stamp for Brunel's Bicentenary, showing a Duke class loco leaving Paddington Station.

‘Postal Union’

Postal Union Stamps

Gibraltar postage stamp with an artist impression of the Space Shuttle delivering mail to the International Space Station.

‘Christmas Stamps for Alderney & Guernsey’

Christmas Stamps

Guernsey postage stamp showing Santa's head sticking out of chimney.

50 Years of Guernsey Post – Churchill Stamp

50 Years of Stamps

Guernsey postage stamp with several stamps and a magnifying glass highlighting one.

The Westminster Collection & Collectology Commissions

First Day Covers

Click here to check out my other stamp related work for The Westminster Collection.

Peter Rabbit first day cover, with 50p and stamps on it. Illustrated with a


Often I have been given historic subjects to illustrate. These have few or no photo’s and there is a lot of research to be done.

The postage stamps have the Queen’s Head or the Royal Cypher on each issue and therefore has to be approved by Buckingham Palace. The time this takes has to be factored into the deadline. Once finished the artwork is sent away and kept by each Philatelic Bureau, as it is technically currency. Though I always think that walking into Tesco’s with a fistful of stamps and trying to pay with them, isn’t going to get you very far!

Philatelic Bureau’s have the final say over the designs. Sometimes the lettering is changed and moved around etc. I now don’t worry too much about the typesetting, just indicating where the lettering might go. The illustration is what I am commissioned to concentrate on.

“We have always been really impressed with Nick’s interpretation, style and choice of colours.”

Dawn Gallienne ~ head of philatelic Guernsey Post Ltd.

‘Little limited edition prints that are collected around the world…’

Well that’s what I like to think anyway, but there is something rather special in knowing that your pictures may not only form part of a collection but also potentially, journey around the globe.

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