'Les Casquets Lighthouse'

2002 – My first stamp commission for Guernsey Post and the beginning of the fantastic working relationship I have enjoyed with them since. The remit was to illustrate the evolution of the lighting systems within the Les Casquets lighthouse. In order to carry out the detailed research this required, I approached Trinity House Museum, Penzance, whose help was invaluable. (NB This museum has now been incorporated into The National Maritime Museum at Falmouth.) The research was a joy as it went hand in hand with my love of the sea! Interestingly, I discovered that, as Les Casquets was an early light, it was decided that in order to distinguish it from other lighthouse that it should have three lights to identify it to passing ships – if you followed this course of action through to other lighthouse sites, with many lights at each, parts of our coastline would look like birthday cakes! These stamps were illustrated with acrylic paint sprayed with an airbrush.

Alderney's Les Casquets Lighthouse Stamps Cover

Presentation Pack Cover

Alderney's Les Caquets Lighthouse Stamps & First Day Cover

The stamps on the First Day Cover

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