'Alderney Little Mermaid Postage Stamps'

Bicentenary of Hans Christian Andersen

The Little Mermaid

The Alderney Little Mermaid Postage Stamps from 2005, celebrate the Bicentenary of Hans Christian Andersen. Depicting his immortal tale of ‘The Little Mermaid’. It tells the story of the youngest daughter of the Sea King. How she falls in love with a human prince, her journey to the sea witch to make her human and how she eventually forsakes her earthly life for the future happiness of her beloved prince and his princess bride.

I started by sketching out ideas for each stamp, using my long-suffering​ wife as a model for figure positions. Then push​ through the pencil drawing before painting them with watercolour.
Alderney First Day Cover with five Little Mermaid postage stamps
The ‘Little Mermaid’ stamps on the First Day Cover.
Alderney postage stamp showing the 'Little Mermaid' being lifted up by the spirits of the air.
The last stamp where the Little Mermaid forsakes her earthly life and is taken up by the ‘daughters of the air’.
Watercolour illustration of the Little Mermaid swimming in the sea.

The Presentation Pack Cover.

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