The Lunchtime Sketches

This is a period when the only way to get my baby son to have an afternoon nap, was to put him in the car and drive. Nothing else worked. So I would give him his lunch, make some sandwiches for myself and drive off somewhere. For my own sanity, I drove to different places to sit in the car. Eating my lunch and sketching whatever was outside or as in these sketches inside.

Here are the sketches of ‘little fella’ asleep in his seat, the back of the car.

Featured sketch above:
15th March 2010
A5 ~ watercolour
I thought this was quite ambitious to try and fit this sketch into the time – had to work quickly. A challenge – not only from the point of view of getting the proportions of the face something ‘like’, but I also have limited colours in my travel watercolour paintbox. Which does not include white, so that makes skin tones more interesting to do.
14th February 2010
A5 – biro.
17th February 2010
A5 – pen
17th April 2010
A5 – pen
26th April 2010
A5 ~ pencil
The ‘Wee Fella’ did not sleep very long today and kept moving too. So I only have a quick sketch of him asleep, in Tesco’s car park.
6th July 2010

Watercolour ~ A5


21st February 2011
Pencil ~ A5
The ‘little fella’ was obviously tired today as he has fallen asleep on the way back from our Tesco’s trip, which doesn’t usually happen. So I have popped the cold things in the fridge, picked up my sketching bag and we are now sat on the drive, with the car steaming up! I haven’t sketched him for a while now, so it makes an enjoyable change.

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