'Paddington Coin Covers and Encapsulations'

2019 Paddington 50p Trafalgar Square FDC

London Map Ultimate First Day Cover

Details from the London Map watercolour artwork.

The map didn’t have to be too detailed or accurate so the places are only roughly in the right areas and i took a little license with the drawings.

Paddington 50p 2019 Coins in Encapsulation

St Paul's Capsule

Tower Of London Capsule

With the new Paddington 50p at the Tower of London I was asked to produce new watercolour artwork for The Westminster Collection and their sister company Collectology. With a Tower of London background. To my mind, the best view of the Tower is from the River Thames and I also added some ‘Beefeaters’ on guard. I chose to put them in their ‘State’ Uniform rather than their more normal ‘Undress’ Uniform, as I thought that this is the uniform that most people think of when they picture a ‘Beefeater’.

St Paul's Cathedral Cover

Tower of London Cover

I’ve also included here my watercolour artwork and provisional pencil drawings for you to have a look at.

Paddington Station Cover

The first two pieces of artwork that The Westminster Collection asked me to paint were views of Paddington Station and Buckingham Palace. This time they asked me to illustrate them in a more ‘children’s’ style. I chose to start with a pencil drawing and then painted over it watercolour washes.
Let’s look at the station illustration first. I researched the inside of Paddington Station and moved around, a little, some of the elements that I wanted (the clock, a Left Luggage Sign, bench etc.) Sketched them up and fitted them into the design space. With the feel of slightly an older fashioned Paddington Station which hopefully works in a natural and convincing way.

Buckingham Palace Cover

With the Buckingham Palace Design, I wanted to add a Guardsman outside with his Sentry Box. Even though these days you can no longer see them outside of Buckingham Palace for security reasons. But it just looks and feels right.
I drew up the two designs into final ‘pencils’ and sent them off for approval, before starting the artwork.
I am really pleased with how The Westminster Collection finished off the Covers and how they look. Each Cover is a limited edition of 1000.
Though I understand that the Buckingham Palace Cover has, by mistake, been given the wrong postmark and it has the Paddington Station postmark on it. This was not rectified given the scarcity of the 2006 Paddington Stamp on the Cover.

Ultimate Paddington Cover

Following these two Designs,​ I was asked to produce, in a similar style, a map of the world with a plane in transit from Peru to London. This then became The Ultimate Paddington Cover with the 1994 and 2006 Paddington Stamps and with the two Paddington 50p pieces.

Paddington 50p Pair Encapsulations

As another follow up I was asked to produce another ‘general London design’, incorporating several landmarks, buses, a red phone box, etc. Again I sketched everything up into what I thought was a pleasing design.
This was used by The Westminster Collection’s sister company Collectology to produce a Capsule Edition of both coins and signed 250 of them. Again the artwork is a watercolour wash over a pencil drawing.

Collectology have also reused the first two FDC Designs for a Single Capsule Edition of each coin – limited to 1,958 of each.

© Copyright The Westminster Collection and Collectology.

All Rights Reserved.

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