First Day Covers and Other Collectibles

A look at the First Day Covers and other collectables that I have produced for ‘The Westminster Collection’ and ‘Collectology’ teams. I have produced for them a variety artwork in Oils and Watercolour for Limited Edition First Day Covers, Encapsulated Coins and also a Silver NumisProof Medal. Some of the FDC’s are Artist Editions, but others are FDC’s of a very small edition of only five and each is hand painted by myself (you can check them out on FDC’s page 2.

Click on an image to see more of that set…

The Westminster Collection


Peter Rabbit Veg Patch FDC

Complete set of Star Wars Stamps

Paddington 50p Limited Editions

Military 50p’s

MARVEL Comics Stamps on the special ‘Artist Edition’ Cover

Peter Rabbit Stamp & Coin Cover

The Harry Potter Stamps on my  ‘Artist Edition’ FDC

Paddington 50p FDC’s

Paddington 50p Pair Collector’s Edition

Paddington 50p Capsule Edition’s

Dambusters Silver NumisProof Medal

Hand Painted Limited Edition FDC’s

FDC's Page 2

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