'Peter Rabbit Stamp & Coin Cover '

The first Limited Edition Peter Rabbit Cover I illustrated. Using watercolour artwork in the background. I was asked to paint a vegetable patch and I decided to set it in the garden of Hill Top Farm in the Lake District.


Which used to be owned by Beatrix Potter and seemed appropriate. Though I moved things about a little and added the vegetable patch where I wanted to put it.

The finished watercolour artwork.


I submitted two designs for the Cover and this is the unused second one, still at it’s Pencil Stage. Showing a different view of the Farm House.

This is the second Limited Edition Peter Rabbit First Day Cover for The Westminster Collection, I was asked to illustrate. A vegetable patch, with a scarecrow, was wanted, in my watercolour style to match the first FDC.


Here’s my final watercolour artwork.


Also, here’s the initial sketches.

© Copyright The Westminster Collection.

All Rights Reserved.

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