Over to Bryher

We are flying out to stay on Bryher, the smallest inhabited island of the Isles of Scilly, by helicopter this afternoon. J was very pleased not to be on the Scillonian (the island ferry), as she usually feels seasick on it. As we fly in and look down the island archipelago​ look like jewels set in a blue sea.
We are staying for a short three-day break. I have a small A5 sketchbook with me and my Winsor & Newton travelling watercolour set, pens and a 6B pencil.

It’s a treat for us to be staying in the relaxed, yet still posh Hell Bay Hotel. All our rooms have fantastic views out to sea and little balconies where we can sit/sketch. Though I always feel the need to point out that Hell Bay is a little further around the island, we are actually at Stinking Porth. However, I’m sure the owners don’t feel that ‘Stinking Porth Hotel’ has quite the same ring to it! There is no stink, to be smelt here, in case you were wondering…

Featured sketch above:

Cromwell Castle

A5 ~ Pencil.
Waiting for the others, Dad and I sat sketching together. Drawing the view of Cromwell Castle from the hill above, with Hangman Island and Bryher beyond that.

Heading back to Bryher

Pen and watercolour ~ A5
Sketched from the inter-island ferry as we crossed the sound to Bryher.

Northern Rocks

A5 ~ watercolour & pen.
The view from our hotel balcony. Looking over the cottages out to the Northern Rocks and onto the Bishop Rock Lighthouse.

In Hugh Town on St Mary’s we had a trip around the island on a 1963 vintage bus – which is incidentally the same age as the helicopter that we flew over on – they didn’t call that a ‘vintage ride’!
When we got back to Bryher we strolled over to the comically named ‘Droppy Nose Point’. There we watched some of the local seals that we had been tipped off about.

Samson and the Outer Isles

Watercolour ~ A5
The end of Samson and the Outer Isles behind sketched, again, on the inter-island ferry.

Watercolour sketch of Samson and the Outer Isles
The next morning started rather grey. However, by the time we had finished our cooked breakfast, the sun was burning through. Hurrah!
Today we went over to Tresco, where​ the party split up. Mum, E & J went to visit the Abbey Gardens. Whilst Dad & I went for a stroll over to New Grimsby and around the north of the island.


Pen sketch ~ A5
Waiting for the ferry. A bike is also waiting for its owner to return, unlocked by the quay.

Pen sketch of a bike leaning against some sand dunes.
Unfortunately, these three days have come to an end and we have to fly back to the mainland.


Slightly ‘bumpy’ helicopter flight back and J was feeling travel sick. She was sat behind Bill Odie, who had been trying to do some quiet bird watching. Fortunately,​ she did not throw up all over him! That would have made him look even more grumpy. We had noticed Bill on Tresco, trying to be inconspicuous. He must find it difficult to quietly watch birds while not being said ‘Hello’ to, shaken by the hand and generally slapped on the back. He warded off these advances by looking grumpy and fed up. Hope it worked, but probably not.

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