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Sitting on the cliffs

Watercolour sketch ~ A4
I’m sitting sheltered from the worst of the wind on the headland on the eastern side of Port Gaverne. Along with the wind, I can hear the sea booming into caves and sending up spray. The wind is still strong, blowing from the land out to sea. Although the sea is breaking strongly on the rocks, it is strangely flat – being flattened out by the wind I suppose?

Storm Callum has blown over us at the Port Gaverne Hotel and we are now in the tail end of it. My parents, their dogs and we were all given a friendly welcome at the hotel. It has a cosy feel and we are staying in rooms at the back, along a winding corridor that seems to go on forever.

We have just walked over to Port Issac and back. We had a very pleasant stroll around the narrow streets of the village, even managing to avoid the showers.

Materials Used

Sketched in an A4 Arboretta heavy-weight 160g/m sketch pad. Using a 6B pencil, my Winsor & Newton, watercolour field paint box and a couple of round brushes – sable no.6 & a no.1.

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All Rights Reserved.

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