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This was a very nice commission. To produce two watercolour views of the lovely sailing boat ‘Ursula’, in a ‘sketchy’ style. I had originally sketched her as ‘Solais na Mara’ moored on the Isle of Mull (here’s a link to see my old sketch and how ‘Ursula’ used to look Trip to the Isle of Mull with a sketchbook). She now has a new owner and is renamed, re-painted and looking fantastic.

The Paintings

Each watercolour painting was just shy of A4. The pictures were drawn up first from photographic reference that was sent to me. Using cold-pressed Arches, Aquarelle 140lb watercolour paper, which I stretched onto a thick MDF board, with gummed paper tape. So that the paper would not ‘cockle’ when I applied the watercolour washes. The drawing was then pushed through onto the stretched paper, using a hard pencil (6H) and graphite transfer paper. I also used Winsor & Newton, Professional watercolour paint, again these are excellent to use.
After I had finished applying the washes, I then went over the paint with a soft 6B pencil. Adding a ‘sketchy’ line drawing over the top.

By the way, that’s one of the Solent Forts in the background of the paintings.

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