Today I am in Topsham with the enthusiastic members of Otter Vale Art Society to give a workshop on sketching, following on from last nights demo.
We are lucky with the weather, which for the most part stays dry, with just one shower blowing through at the end – see my last sketch with all the raindrops on it!

Topsham is a great place for sketching and you can see lots of pictures where​ ever you look. It’s amazing how although we are all in the same place, different things catch our eye and inspire us.
Whilst going between everyone I managed two sketches one of Topsham Canal Lock and Cottage, which is watercolour washes with a watercolour black pencil added into the washes. The paper was very thin so it has ‘cockled’ rather a lot. But as I’ve been saying ‘it’s only a sketch’.

The other in the museums garden, the two figures (fellow artists) moved off before I had time to put them in so they could get ice creams! However, I was running out of time, it had started to rain and get a bit chilly by this point anyway​.
I enjoyed the day with them all and I hope they took something to help with their sketching. To see some of the lovely work by the rest of the group here’s a link to their website: ‘Sketching Workshop

and here’s a link for their friendly art society: ‘Otter Vale Art Society

Last night’s demo blog post here: ‘Otter Vale Sketching Demo

Also check out my sketching tips post.

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